Trade Finance

MHA Trade Finance division works with leading international corporations and financial institutions providing advisory/consulting, structuring, deal execution, and distribution services to our clients. Our structuring expertise includes export finance, import finance, receivable finance, supply chain financing, structured trade commodity finance, and project finance transactions.  


For Corporates |

MHA works with corporates to identify and optimize liquidity and risk management metrics throughout the supply chain to support working capital and trade finance requirements associated with the procurement, production, manufacture, and sale of goods.


For Investors |

MHA connects investors to corporations and trade finance institutions looking to diversify their liquidity sources.  We identify quality investment opportunities within the trade finance market that produce uncorrelated and positive returns for our investors.


For Trade Finance Institutions |

MHA partners with trade finance institutions as an alternative origination and distribution channel.  In addition, MHA provides advisory and consulting services for financial institutions from strategic business planning to Basel risk modeling analytics.


Fixed Income

Whether you are an issuer or an investor looking for structured solutions, the MHA Fixed Income division serves the global investment community from origination to execution. We primarily focus on securitized products and whole loan trading with extensive experience in trading, structuring, research, sales, and valuation analysis. We advise financial institutions, private equity firms, hedge funds and government agencies on a wide spectrum of structured products.


Our core competencies include:

  • • MBS / ABS Structuring (Mortgages, Auto Loans, Commercial Loans, etc.)

  • • Government Consulting for MBS / ABS

  • • Corporate Strategy for Mortgage Originators and Mortgage REITs

  • • Reverse Mortgage Advisory

  • • Security Valuation and Pricing Services

  • • Whole Loan and Real Estate Valuation

  • • Valuation of Financial Institutions / Operating Companies

  • • Industry Research & Analysis

  • • Reverse Engineering MBS / ABS transactions

  • • Investor Reporting & Market Intelligence


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